Thomas N. Harris
August 19, 2016

John Allen Weirick
August 17, 2016

William "Bill" Quick
August 11, 2016

Avis L. Brown
August 7, 2016

John "Jack" Holland
August 7, 2016

John W. Plate
July 27, 2016

Norman Ralph Waddle
July 18, 2016

Edith Helen Dixon
July 14, 2016

Richard Earl Burns
July 8, 2016

Gordon Enyart
June 29, 2016


Our Family Serving Your Family

Coburn Funeral Home is dedicated to providing the families we are privileged to serve with the very best in accommodating facilities and professional associates who are attentive to the needs of you, your family and friends. We believe every life lived is unique and should be celebrated accordingly. We will provide a personalized experience based with dignity, care and understanding in your time of loss.


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Planning Ahead

CobernfamilyPlanning ahead brings peace of mind, financial benefits and is truly a gift of love. Let us help you put your final wishes in writing. We will make the process simple by guiding you through all the decisions from your choice on disposition to planning the perfect celebration. This way you can rest assured knowing the burden is not left for your family.

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Our Services

Celebration of Life

Give family and friends a chance to reflect on a life lived. Personalization helps celebrate what made him or her so special.

Cremation Options

Cremation increases one’s options. It’s process, performed in a respectful and dignified manner, can be memorialized in many ways.

A place of honor

Burial or cremation, a place to honor your loved one is important. There are many ways to create unique and personalized memorialization.

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